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Hong Kong,"The city of life", is famous for its cuisine and martial arts. Hong Kong is home to 7.4 million people of various nationalities with growing number of tourists  each year.It is also the birth place of legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

cars crossing
Central, Hong Kong

street with view of apartment complex
North Point, Hong Kong

gray boat on body of water near high-rise buildings
Coastal Side Of Hong Kong

road in the middle of buildings during daytime
Busy Street Of Hong Kong

red car during nighttime
Hong Kong Street At Night

                                 Hong Kong Video 1                             
Hong Kong Video 2

Hong Kong Video 3

Top 6 Hong Kong Cuisines

  •  Dim sum
  • Mango pudding
  • Congee
  • Cha siu bao
  • Siu yuk
  • Egg tarts

Get ready for a Hong Kong food tour  

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Arts Villas
Eaton Residences, Village Road

CEBU APPARTMENT(Great location)

Guest Houses
Manila Guest House
Dreamland Guest House
Hk Peace Guest House
Merryland Guest House
New International Guest House
Kowloon Mongkok 1812 Guest House
Nan Shan Hong Guesthouse
Pay-Less Guesthouse (7/F A9)

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