Kolkata (India)

Kolkata is a city in India and the capital city of west bengal state.It is known as the "City of Joy", by many.The city is widely regarded as the "cultural capital" of India.Kolkata is the third most-productive metropolitan area in India, after Mumbai and Delhi.In the past the city was ruled my mughals and British and passing its culture to the present generation.

It has great food culture, sweets like roshogolla, sandesh, and a sweet yoghurt known as mishti dohi.Kolkata is also very famous for its seafood dishes includes various preparations of ilish, a fish that is a favourite among the people of Kolkata.If you are planing to visit kolkata, then never leave the city without tasting its street foods like kati rolls , phuchka and beguni.

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Places To Visit In Kolkata:-
  • Indian Museum
  • Victoria Memorial
  • New market kolkata
  • Eden Gardens 
  • Coffee House
  • Howrah Bridge
  • Birla Industrial and Technological Museum
  • Dhakuri lake
  • Shobhabazar Rajbari
  • The Botanical Gardens
  •  Alipore Zoo
  • Eco Tourism Park
  • Nicco Park
  • Prinsep Ghat
  • Aquatica
  • Park Street
  • Chowringhee
  • Sonajhuri Forest 
  • Babur haat
  • Hooghly Riverfront
  • Brigade Parade Ground
  • Safari Park 
  • Mohor Kunja
  • Snow Park
  • Wet-O-Wild 
  • Genesis Art Gallery 
  • Galerie 88 
  • Megan David Synagogue
  • Beth El Synagogue

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